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Cloud Interface Ceremony – Vincent Snijders

Cloud Interface Ceremony – Vincent Snijders

Vincent Snijders describes his project as follows: Gathering is a ritual that used to take place around a campfire. Now it occurs through ones and zeros, cables, chips and frequencies. Mouse, keyboard and screen have become ceremonial objects for uploading our consciousness to a digital realm. The journey passes through server rooms, data centers and cloud storage space during the data transfer procedure. ‘Cloud Interface Ceremony’ is an immersive experience that explores our relationship with new technology. Acting as a meeting point between us and the flows of information we engage with, it reveals what happens behind our screens. Digital tools and networks extend our bodies and minds, Plugging our lives into an ecosystem of connectivity. Sit down, put on the VR headset and let the ceremony commence.

How it’s made:

  • laminating on pieces of foam that have been CNC machined for strength
  • cast in a silicone mold (solid)
  • in silicone mold laminated with fiberglass mats (hollow)
  • support mold made to support the large silicone mold for the seat
  • for anchoring the metal frame in the foot of the sun lounger
  • as a filler with thixotropic
  • graphite powder for coating