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BathCat and Guppy – Studio Maky

BathCat and Guppy – Studio Maky

The Groninger Museum invited Studio Maky to join their new exhibition Kinderbiënnale 2021. This is Netherlands’ first ever Children’s Biennale, a large interactive art exhibition made for and by kids. 

Through several workshops and out of all the creative ideas of the children, the floating art installation BathCat and Guppy was born. The basis of this floating object is EPS with different layers of A1 and A1 Triaxial fibre.  

Studio Maky build the installation in Rotterdam, but the last part of painting the cat they did with the help of the children in Groningen. 

The 3,5 meter floating cat with scuba diving glasses and his fishy friend will be seen on the outside of the Groninger Museum, happy floating in the water, until January 9 2022.

Pictures by Siese Veenstra and Studio Maky